Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day Thirty: Joy comes in the morning

Today was some kind of day! I had an emotional morning, busy day, and productive evening. I'll explain.

This morning as I was looking in the mirror getting ready for the day, I noticed something horrible! I had bald spots. Not like shiny bald, but fuzzy. I cried a while and called for help. After speaking with my mother I decided I better make a doctor's appointment. I have been losing hair by the handful too long to wait any more.

This afternoon was very busy. I went Goodwill shopping. I hit the jackpot today! I got a real leather blazer, pants for my husband, and five blouses for under $30. I was totally psyched. After that I went to Attic Productions to see my mother in a play. She did wonderfully, and my kids loved seeing her on stage. Afterward I ran a few errands to prepare for tomorrow.

When I got home for the evening I got straight to  work. I cut my oldest son hair. I think I did well for my first ever attempt. Thankfully he has curly hair and anything looks good on him anyway. After that I bathed both my boys and got the to bed. I completed my running around with putting out their Easter baskets. I cant wait to see what Benjamin thinks.

My Outfit

I got to wear my first item from Gwynnie Bee. I was so excited about it that I had to wash my skinny jeans so I could wear the, today. Unfortunately the photo was taken at the end of the day, so I don't look as fresh as I could have.
From bottom: sandals, skinny jeans, firefly blouse

The only thing of mine today that I need to share where to buy is the shoes. These ruffle, pink, thongs are either from Target or Payless. I can no longer remember since they are at least a year old now. The shirt is from Gwynnie Bee. Its by Eloquii and its called firefly printed top. I really think I love this blouse. I kind of with I owned it!

Looking Forward

Tomorrow is a big day!  I hope you have some plan to go to church and be with family. Celebrate Jesus' resurrection well!

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