Friday, March 15, 2013

Day Fifteen: TGIF

Thank God it is Friday. No matter how long the work week is, Friday makes everything feel a little better. I'm also really excited about showing off my son and I's lunch from today.

*Our* Lunch
My son's lunch

Yum, yum... St Patrick's day has never been so tasty! I really think my bentos turned out well today. I lacked a lot of the cool supplies that would have made it easier.
my lunch

Notice how my son had a cute little leprechaun. The face is an open face sandwich made with bologna and swiss and cheddar cheese.I used peanut butter as glue so the candy would not move around as his lunch made its way to preschool. I also used the orange peel as colorful bowl for our "pot o' gold". Cheese puffs and oranges made up the extra gold and small cheese clovers were added as decoration.

If you have never made a bento before, I encourage you to experiment! You can get plenty of ideas on Pinterest. You can also look  here on my blog on day 8 & 9, and day 1.

My Outfit
It was dress down day again! I was also supposed to wear orange! I choose to wear something more on the coral side, but close enough. Im sure you have noticed several of the same shirts in different colors over the past two weeks. These are my go to blouses right now, but I promise to venture a little more as we finish up the final two weeks of this theme. 
From the top: gold drop necklace, coral 3/4 sleeve blouse, gold watch, jeans, gold toe brown shoes.
 I totally loved my hair today! The side pony worked beautifully and my curls stayed nice though most of the days. I apologize for not having any close ups today. My "photographer" was not available today. I will still share where to get the style.

My shirt is Lane Bryant. They are still available in lots of great colors. Like I mentioned in my wardrobe basics list, you should have at least three colored blouses to work with. The jeans are also Lane Bryant. I find they have a nice jeans in my size. Old navy is also a place you can order plus size jeans, they usually have a more affordable option. The necklace came from a "teen" store in the mall. Don't steer away from those store just because you have curves! I find the best jewelry and accessories that keep me looking fresh. The watch is Lane Bryant as well. If you have a wider wrist, you are in luck. All of Lane Bryant's bracelets account for that. The watch was adjustable to give me just the right fit. Last but not least are the shoes. Cap toe shoes are all the rage right now. If you have wide feet you still have several options. Lane Bryant (where I got mine), Woman Within, Roaman's, and many online retailers offer wide widths.

 *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I don't have a list of basics for today. As far as fashion and beauty goes, I think we have covered most of it. One day when we are on a different theme we may do basics in other areas. I wanted to remind my readers that I'm hoping to do "My Julia Project" next month on my blog. I hope to keep everything exciting by having a new theme monthly. So, if your looking to hear my thoughts on something, just let me know!

Today's Lesson From Kindergarten
To say goodbye this evening, let's take a lesson from Kindergarten music class
"Happy things are gonna happen... Happy things can happen to you!"   

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