Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day Thirteen: Updates and Announcements

As I stated in the title, I have several updates and announcement to cover today. Because of this there will  be a slight change of plans. There will be no "basics" listed today. They will of course resume tomorrow through the end of the week. The next list of basics will be health and beauty. So, be looking forward to that. Now onto my monthly theme today!

My Outfit

My first announcements come with this section! Im sure you are aware that I am no photographer and neither are the friendly people who help me take my photos. I recruited some help. My younger sister has a good eye for photography and she accepted the position of helping me bring you my fashion! Now, the food and often other pictures will still be taken by me and willing hands. Kailee did a great job today helping me give you a little better look at my wardrobe. You can follow Kailee on Twitter.

From the top: Blue dangle earrings, green lace camisole, flowing sheer shirt, black leggings, boots

I also realized that I haven't been sharing how you can get my style for yourself! What good is seeing fashion you cant steal?! From now on I will be revealing my secrets, and helping you get the same great look. Unfortunately not everything in my wardrobe is still available. I try to buy pieces I love and keep them for as many seasons as possible. All I can promise is basic idea and a little inspiration.

 The shirt is so old I cant even remember where I purchased it. You can usually find similar looks at Marshall's and Ross. The leggings are Lane Bryant, but I would suggest taking a more affordable route and buying those at Wal-mart.

The earrings are one of a kind. I bought these handmade earrings at a craft fair. Craft shows make a great plan to buy statement pieces that no one else will have!

The boots bellow are wide calf boots from Lane Bryant. Another good location to buy wide shoes and wide calf boots is Roaman's.

My Lunch
Im starting to see a pattern here. I need to eat healthier dinners so my lunches will be better! This high carb lunch is courtesy of fast food for dinner. I promise tomorrow's and Friday's will be better!
Don't do as I do, do as I wish. My hopes are to make a few special recipes I have posted on Pinterest. Check it out and help me do better by sharing your fast and tasty ideas below.

I look forward to sharing more basics with you tomorrow. I also hope to be sending out my giveaway at the end of the month. We are 19 followers away from posting the contest rules!


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